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Wanchain ICO Review & Analysis

Wanchain ICO Review & Analysis September 19, 20171 Comment


Contemporary technology used in banks today and the current state of blockchain infrastructure for financial related services has yet to be merged, and this is what Wanchain plans to do.  Wanchain also sets out to incorporate cryptographic security technology accompanied with the gap bridging solution which is very suited to it’s niche, finance.

wanchain protocol

What is Wanchain?

Wanchain implements cross-chain transfers of assets by setting up connections between the accounts of different blockchains and providing a framework for financial applications based on digital currency and digital assets. Wanchain is not just a cross-chain platform, performing cross-chain transactions and interconnections between multiple assets, it is also a blockchain network that can operate independently. It includes native coins, supports intelligent contracts and owns the privacy protection mechanism for transactions. Anyone can develop financial applications that satisfy their needs on Wanchain by following the application guidelines.


Wanchain is looking to accelerate the evolution of blockchain development by creating an enabled platform for financial services such as loans, interest and cross compatibility with different banking systems. As of now the current banking system still has the advantage of these functions though it lacks in the innovation of currency application.


Wanchain aims to build a super financial market of digital assets. It is an infrastructure connecting different digital assets. With this infrastructure, financial services based on different digital assets can be carried out in a distributed way, finally forming a financial market composed of different business providers, application developers and clients.

Wanchain will allow users to provide such services as:

  • Exchanges of cryptocurrencies – users will be able to transact across multiple token exchanges
  • Loans of cryptocurrencies – users will be able to lend and loan cryptocurrencies a decentralised way
  • Cryptocurrencies Investments – you will be able to offer a variety of investment options with cross chain transactions
  • Cryptocurrencies Crowd Funding – ICO’s will be able to accept multi-cryptocurrencies, removing friction for participants

Token Economics:

  • Hard cap: 210,000,000 WAN (ICO is 51% of total token supply)
  • Conversion rate: 1 ETH = 750 WAN
  • Total circulating = 107,100,000 WAN ; Total supply = 210,000,000
  • ICO Market Cap: ~US$34,500,000
  • ERC20 token: Yes
  • Crowdsale date: Presale TBA
  • Token distribution date: Tradable in Q4 2017

Wanchain tokens (WAN) have two primary uses:

1) WAN tokens are used ot process fees for wanchain transactions and cross chain transactions

2) WAN tokens using bond deposits at each node for ensuring cross-chain transaction thus increasing the value of Wancoin with every use in the platform.


Wanchain is a project led by Wanglu Tech which was the team responsible for the development of the very successful Factom coin, and with currently 25+ people on their core team for the Wanchain project.

The team is comprised of experienced software engineers and advisors with years of experience in the blockchain industry, here is some of the core team:

Jack Lu – Co-founder and CTO of Factom. Factom’s ICO raised 2,278 bitcoin worth $1.1 million USD (at the time of the ICO) from 323 investors. Now Factom is one of the top 40 cryptocurrencies and valued at over $172 million.


Dustin Byington – Graduated from Columbia University . MBA from University of Michigan. Veteran entrepreneur in the blockchain space. Founded Bitcoin College in 2014, Cofounded Tendermint in 2015. Founded Satoshi Talent and Stokens Venture Capital.

Welch Zhou – Founded Hishare Exchange. Security Advisor of Hyperledger. Deputy Secretary-General of Europe-China Culture & Economy Commission. 20 years of experience in investment, business management, and government relationship.

Zane Liang – Applied Mathematics degree from Peking University and PhD from the University of Massachusetts. Specializes in high performance computing, cryptographic algorithms and cryptographic security.


Ying Zhang – Senior engineer from Huawei and served as CAO and CTO of several companies. A senior developer of Ethereum with a deep understanding of, and engineering experience with, blockchain architecture, smart contracts and consensus algorithms.

Lizzie Lu – Graduated from China Communication University. Years of television, magazine and press experience. Former marketing director at ZCODesign. An organizer in the blockchain community, affiliations and conferences.


 Roadmap (Business & Technical)

  • 2016 / 06 – Research on privacy protection and cross-chain transactions
  • 2016 / 12 -Development on Proof of Concept
  • 2017 / 06 – Whitepaper published. Wanchain.org online
  • 2017 / 09 – ICO crowd funding
  • 2017 / 11 – Wanchain 1.0 goes live (Privacy Protection, WANCoin,POS,Wallet, Block chain Explorer)
  • 2018 / 06 – Wanchain 2.0 (Integration with Ethereum, Multi-Coin Wallet)
  • 2018 / 12 – Wanchain 3.0 (Integration with Bitcoin, Multi-Coin Wallet)
  • 2019        – Wanchain 4.0 (Integration with Private Chains, Multi-Coin Wallet)


  • Ambitious project however if it succeeds, this will have a enormous impact on the financial blockchain sector and will have the fundamentals to be a top 10 coin in the market.
  • Very strong team; consisting of top experts in mathematics cryptography, engineers and developers from high profile companies and world renowned universities.
  • Jack Lu the founder of Wanchain also co-founded Factom which to date has done 200x since it’s ICO.  This is a priceless asset to have that not many other ICO’s have, let alone have as a founder/leader.


  • Competitive space with blockchain interepolicity technology being developed (although they do not specialize in financial markets)
  • Strict KYC process for the pre sale ICO participation which may hinder some people to successful take part
  • Roadmap to fully realize it’s full vision will be in 2018/2019 – So does not suit a short term outlook or investment opportunity
  • Lack of Influencers / No current bounty program which limits the PR and marketing of the project.

Our Verdict:

Wanchain is looking to be the solution for decentralized communication between chains which is certainly a ambitious task. Should it succeed in doing so by becoming an intermediary layer between services and solutions between things like the banking sector, Wanchain’s project will be a major milestone in blockchain history.

Wanchain presents a strong buying opportunity for investors given the history of it’s leader Jack Lu, Co-Founder & CTO of Factom which is as of current a ~$200 million dollar network and amongst the current top 40 coins in the market.

The blockchain bridge initiative will also face some considerable competition from companies such as BlockNet, Polkadot, and Ripple who are also looking to work on similar solutions.  However we feel competition is great for the space as it forces innovation, with Wanchain looking to be the first to achieve privacy protection for smart contract token transactions, this makes them stand out from the crowd.

Overall, the risk/reward ratio for exposure in WAN is quite favorable. We believe that the existing related partnerships from Factom and openness to work with other team will help to catapult the progression of the project, providing development stays on track.

The only weaknesses we can find relate to marketing push in comparison to other ICO’s in this space. Active bounty programs, influencers and more PR can vastly help their project gain more traction in the long run.

In saying this, the ICO for the Wanchain project appears to be a genuine use case and backed by a team that has the ability and more importantly experience of taking an ICO to 200x under it’s belt already and gives us long term confidence on the execution of the planned road map ahead.

Our Score:

  • Team/Leadership – 5
  • Customer/Customer Problem – 4.5
  • Solution/Unique Value Proposition – 4.5
  • Market – 4.5
  • Community – 3.75
  • Marketing – 3
  • Roadmap – 5
  • Valuation and ICO dynamics – 4.5

Block Discover Rating: 

9 out of 10 Star Rating


White Paper: https://wanchain.org/files/Wanchain-Whitepaper-EN-version.pdf

Official Website: https://wanchain.org/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/wanchain_org


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  1. This is one of those little seen opportunities life brings people once in a life time IMO.
    Wanchain has an elite 33 members main team. That of course will grow , this without counting other employes.

    As you mentioned this has a really great change to be a top 10 coin .

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